Turk Bracelet


  • Image of Turk Bracelet

-Faceted faux turquoise stone
-Gold plated chain/components
-Crystal accents

Image of Gia Bracelet
Gia Bracelet
Image of Talulah Bracelet
Talulah Bracelet
Image of Rose Quartz Cuff
Rose Quartz Cuff
Image of Zodiac Bracelet
Zodiac Bracelet
Image of Cactus Bracelet
Cactus Bracelet
Image of Bar Bracelet
Sold out
Bar Bracelet
Image of Shelly Bracelet
Shelly Bracelet
Image of Eliza Bracelet
Eliza Bracelet
Image of Stella Bracelet
Sold out
Stella Bracelet
Image of Cimarron Mini Cuff
Cimarron Mini Cuff
Image of Ziggy Cuff
Sold out
Ziggy Cuff
Image of Stone Mini Cuff
Stone Mini Cuff
Image of Texas Cuff
Texas Cuff
Image of Geode Mini Cuff
Geode Mini Cuff
Image of Geode Suede Wrap
Geode Suede Wrap
Image of Geode Starburst Mini Cuff
Geode Starburst Mini Cuff
Image of Texas Suede Wrap
Texas Suede Wrap
Image of Turquoise Stone Cuff
Turquoise Stone Cuff
Image of Suede Rock Wrap
Suede Rock Wrap
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